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Searching for a cure to Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis &  Bowel cancer. 

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Current Research

Our current research is focussed upon repurposing and combining an existing drug, Artesunate (which is an extract of sweet wormwood and used to treat malaria) for the treatment of Bowel Disease. Artesunate is a plant based drug and, if successful, the drug can be readily prescribed to all in the Western and Developing worlds (it only costs $1 per day), making it a truly global solution.

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Artesunate Trials



Phase I of the trial confirmed the positive outcome of administrating Artesunate to patients with Bowel Cancer before any necessary surgery. 

The trial showed amongst 23 patient's who were given either Artesunate or a placebo for the 2 weeks prior to surgery, only one patient taking Artesunate had a re-occurrence of cancer in the 3 years following surgery compared to 6 in the placebo group. 

The anticancer properties shown in this study was the foundation for this subsequent global program.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube


We are now funding phase II of the trial at St. George's Hospital, West London, to hopefully prove the findings of phase I. Should this be the case it will be possible to develop an effective, well tolerated and affordable, anti-cancer therapy that can be used to treat patients globally. 

Progress on the Phase II trial has been excellent. Now the study has received approval from: Research Ethics Committee, Health Research Authority, and Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency, and the trial has commenced. Over the next 2 years Yolanda Augustin and her research team at St. George's University of London, plan to develop a global program to repurpose the Artesunate drug for cancer treatment. This program includes trials of Artesunate for the treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia in India, and for the treatment of cervical and anal cancer in Malaysia. This global focus is part of our efforts to make effective cancer treatments affordable to more patients globally.

To read more and keep up to date on this NeoArt research trial click on the links below.



Artesunate (sweet wormwood extract) and curcumin (the active ingredient in Turmeric) are powerful anti inflammatory drugs. The concept for this Phase IIa Trail is that the combination of these 2 drugs will have a positive outcome for patients with Crohn's disease.

Test Tubes


In collaboration with the Gastroenterology department of Sanjay Gandhi Post graduate institute in Lucknow, Professor Kumar has set up a research project investigating the efficacy of a novel drug in patients with Crohn's disease not responding to standard therapeutic approaches.


We are funding the cost associated with the drugs and a senior researcher who will implement the trial under the guidance of Professor Uday C Ghoshal (Professor of Gasteroenterology), Ujjala Ghoshal and Professor Kumar.


This is our most recently approved study, which if successful could provide a natural and inexpensive drug to patients both in developed countries and the developing world alike.

The protocol has been approved by the ethics committee. Covid 19 permitting, we hope to start recruiting to this exciting new project. It is expected that 40 patients will be part of the trial in year 1, and we are excited to see how they get on.

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